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    ChinaSemester.com was born in April, 2006 and was the first recruitment site in China offering service to foreign candidates who are eager to work/intern and institutions who want to hire international staff, nowadays the site has developed into one leading recruitment site in China’s niche market of international recruitment.

    As a job-seeker, you may follow these steps to easily make your dream come true:

    1. After Registering Your Membership with us, you have a personal control panel where you can search job posts, upload your credentials, and easily click “ Applying for This Job Now” button -- send your on-line job-applications;

    2. Your application files will be safely reserved at our member database, and forwarded only to those potential employers/our institutional clients who you selected or approved late on;
    As an registered member, your partial info (without name, contact numbers, email address and detailed employment history) will be automatically translated into Chinese and shown up on our website so that it can be searched, selected by the other institutional clients in the future, and consequently you may enjoy more, better opportunities in China (Please check Member Profiles in Chinese or In English );

    3. Value-added services to Members: (1) At your control panel, you will periodically receive Job-Alert emails based on your job interests and constantly enjoy more employment opportunities an privileges; ((2) you may be invited to participate in ChinaSemester social gatherings or events in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Hong Kong….mingling with more foreign, Chinese friends in the country!

    If you represent a prospective employer to look for talents, please click here.


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