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    Position: CTO(code 170801) 
    Company profile: Our client company is a high-tech enterprises in innovative medicine.  
    Number of position:
    Year(s) Experience Required:
    Location: (Jinan, Shandong)  
    Type of job:
    Job Category:  Medical/Pharmaceutical
    Preferred date of Start:
    Duties: 1, participate in the discussion and protocol of the group development plan, formulate the company's development plan and the annual research development plan and implementation plan;
    2, responsible for the establishment and improvement of research and development company's management system, processes and related SOP and supervise the implementation; and continuously optimize the relevant systems and processes to ensure efficient operation of the company and scientific research projects;
    3, organize and carry out the declaration of the drug research project, review and guide the declared project, improve the quality of the project declaration;
    4, understand the project in the research process at any time, participate in various stages of the project assessment, acceptance, declaration and other aspects of the work, and coordinate the relevant issues related to the development of scientific research work;
    5, responsible for the industrialization work of the scientific and technological achievements, to ensure the smooth technology transfer with manufacturers, to solve the technical problems of industrialization, in a timely manner to optimize the technology;
    6, Grasp the current situation of scientific research. Start from the demand of summarizing the direction of discipline construction and promoting the level of specialty construction; Gather Scientific research innovation team constantly; Enhance the ability of scientific research.
    7, responsible for the performance appraisal, business skills and other related knowledge training of R & D team, to create a competitive R & D team;
    8, responsible for the management of the project budget and the cost accounting in implementation process, conduct the management and control for the research and development costs;
    9, organize the academic exchange activities;
    10, complete all issued tasks temporarily of the chairman.

    Requirements: 1 professional knowledge and skills:
    - 40-55 years old, organic chemistry, pharmacy, pharmaceutical chemistry and other related specialties, doctoral degree or above, with at least 10 years pharmaceutical executive related work experience;
    - familiar with the company business development and operation process, familiar with the chemical, pharmaceutical and other related professional knowledge, especially in the synthesis, preparation, quality research direction in a field with high attainments; lead the team successfully to acquire production approval and the variety is not less than 3, and the successful listing sales;
    - familiar with the FDA and CFDA certification, DMF registration and other relevant policies and regulations, control the company's R & D direction according to the adjusted policy in time, where the enterprise successfully passed FDA certification;
    - Be able to solve the problem of preparation, quality research and synthesis in the project research process;
    - has a wealth of industry information and external resources (review consulting, expert consultants, product cooperation, etc.), to be able to use resources to the enterprise operation;
    - well-known enterprises in foreign countries (such as Roche, Pfizer, ladder watts, etc.) served as the relevant R & D person in charge is preferred.
    2 quality requirements:
    - love research and development work, with a strong sense of responsibility and overall sense of the overall situation, to actively safeguard the interests of the company, thinking from the overall situation, and actively assist the department or personnel to complete the work;
    - with strong leadership and has full understanding on team performance, and to give appropriate feedback of members, through the observation and analysis of members' work, to find out the lack of team cooperation, to take corresponding improvement measures, and make the corresponding performance incentive mechanism, guarantee the performance of the team continued to achieve;
    - Have strong ability to work under pressure, be able to withstand the pressure from Company research project and the pressure from the research change made by the relevant national policy adjustment. And be able to have the strategy to cope with stress by analysis under high pressure.
    - have strong interpersonal communication and organization and coordination ability, have good at persuading others, the ability to effectively resolve conflicts and complaints;
    - have strong ability of strategic management and thinking mode with the forward-looking, according to the analysis of the internal and external environment of the enterprise, formulate company project development strategy with long-term and development view, and transfer the strategy into clear and realistic goals and guide related personnel to carry out the refinement work of the strategic objectives.
    - with a strong ability of system thinking. In the process of thinking about the work problem, be able to determine the solution, at the same time consider the rationality of the allocation of resources, give full play to the available skills and resources;
    - has the strong ability of process management, has profound understanding for all kinds of company management system, be able to develop and improve the related rules and procedures in the process of project research and development, and publicize all of these excellently.
    - with strong awareness of risk prevention, have high sensitivity to the possible risk of hidden danger and sudden events during R&D process, be able to consider details, and can comprehensively predicted risk and consequences of all kinds of factors that may arise and be able to carry out effective risk prevention measures and emergency response plans;
    - has strong personality charm and learning ability, the achievements of others, can summarize and innovate from the working process constantly, be able to impart your excellent technical still of profession and management to your subordinate perfectly, improve the skills of subordinates.

    What to offer: - Competitive salaries and benefits
    - Z visa assistance
    - Insurance

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