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    Position: Sales Manager(code 180625) 
    Company profile: Our company is to provide an overall solution based on immersion refrigeration technology, which we call it Temporary Preservation Solution.
    Number of position:
    Year(s) Experience Required:
    Location: (Beijing)  
    Type of job:
    Job Category:  Manufacturing
    Preferred date of Start:
    Duties: - to study the company resources, product and related operations, and to find the selling point for the company's products
    - to set reasonable sales outlets development plan according to company's products
    - to develop customers and develop blank area by reasonable methods
    - to study price, model, function, appearance, selling point, policy and after-sale services information of main competitor(s) in responsible area, and to make a reasonable adjustment plan in time
    - to maintain good communication with customers, and to make sure to meet the customers'reasonable requirements, and feedback the suggestions in time
    - to implement and complete the sales and collection targets from the responsible area and customers in various periods

    Requirements: - Bachelor degree or above;
    - English native or close to native level, good Chinese language ability, including speaking and listening;
    - come from western countries (Europe, America or Australia)
    - can accept travelling a lot.

    What to offer: Negotiable
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